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:iconcheshirecheck: ---A master of the pen and sketch book. ---
His style is one part Tim Burton, ten parts greatness.

:icondsbnh: ---A master of the pencil and the monster. ---
He has got a creative mind and a solid technique, and he is only 18, I'm so jealous.

:iconmonitwin: ---The queen of the pencil rendering. ---
"I don't just draw the surface, I capture the inner soul." I agree!

:iconarminmersmann: ---The king of the pencil rendering. ---
With a rock solid technique and a creative mind, he is everything an artist should be, and more. In my opinion, the most talented artist on DevArt.

:iconrooo: ---A master of the pen and the Photoshop.---
His creative cartooning style blows me away every time I see it.

:iconukitakumuki: ---A master of the computer. ---
He's got some super creative painting of robots and the like. It's kids like this who make me wish I knew how to use a computer.

:iconcibokilley: ---A master of the Photoshop and the transformers.---
Using the Transformers TV show as a jumping off point to her own creativity, this is what "fan art" should be.

Anyone else I should add?
Thanks for coming to my page and looking at my artwork. I really appreciate it. :)
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Submitted on
July 6, 2003