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Napoleon Pig by faxtar Napoleon Pig by faxtar
For my Materials and Techniques II Class. First I inked the lines, then painted with watercolors (lots of layers), then I added an Ageing Varnish, then a Cracking Varnish, then a thin layer of Olive Green oil paint, then I rubbed some of the oil paint off before it dries. The picture is alittle blurry because I took it with a digital camera. Its too glossy to scan it in the scanner. Inspired by George Orwells 'Animal Farm' where a pig is named Napoleon.
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Przbezara Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2013
Now do the Duke of Wellinton
theonlysketcher Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't it against one of the commandments for animals to wear clothes?
GRESACE Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
did you know in France it's illegal to name a pig... napoleon?
Hollow-HandledBrush Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
For honors, we are supposed to create a campaign video for one of the charactes. I was wondering if you'd mind my using this photo of your painting in it? :flirty: It would be shown in class only-- not published online or shown anywhere else.
Thanks! :D
faxtar Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Sure. I think that falls under fair-use [link] under "commentary, criticism, research, teaching, scholarship" but thanks for asking anyway.
SeanFleming Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
This is great work.
Cassius42 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
I love that movie, and if you were the one who drew this then bravo!
Unclejimi Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
Is this the original or a copy of it. Also would like to commission you for something - how do I get in touch
faxtar Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
You can email me at
BluDevil93 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Student Photographer
Fantastic work :)
bestmand902 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well, that's one way to take animal farm literally
leotte803 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
zalezsky Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DrawnWord Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
How dear you! Lolz!
Chive-sword Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010   Photographer
Very nice. I assumed when I first saw the title that it was based on the ass hole pig from animal farm :lmao:
Aqualopetaq Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
Awesome work! Man, it's going to be one of my favourite favourites :D
bouffon-passion Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010
Good ref. Nice work.
Sir-Tigersbane Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2009
Dangit I love that book, and this picture is BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MarinoVargas Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
Dude do you have this one larger? I'd love to have it on my living room XD
Kroms Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
That's just brilliant. Great way to run with an idea.
alngcameaspider Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Animal Farm was fookin' intense!!!!!!
communist pigz!!!!! oink comrade!!!! =D
and Napoleon(ze actual one ^^ ) is just plain pimp!!!!! ;p
shalotka Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
This Napoleon pig should actually look like Lenin because it was modeled on him ;)

Great work!
alngcameaspider Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
either way it works!!!! great job!!! :party:
Stael Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2007
lobik Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007
good, old-fashioned. Like a Sherlock's furniture;)

BTW - I was always scared by the pigs. Dunno why.
err. DIDN'T know why.

Now I know.
Lionheart20 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2007
Hail Comrade Napoleon!
Yrjana Featured By Owner May 13, 2007
Brilliant picture, seems to capture the nature of Napoleon quite well. Sleepy, dignified, and pompous.

I like how the cracks here and there give it an aged look which furthers (in my mind) the reality of it all.

Great work! :thumbsup:
NRTF Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2007
Perhaps I shall drag out the book--haven't read it since I was eight. I recall the last line though, sommaught on how they could no longer tell man from pig or pig from man. The most entertaining anti-Communist book I've ever read... *detects rant and bangs head against wall until it ceases, and actually looks at the picture* That's a very good pig. The crackling seems a little unnatural, too big, I think. He looks so very sleepy. Rather fits the character, non?
air139 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Very nice
1000-Layers Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2006
This is such an amazing piece. For some reason the red scarf looks flat to me in comparison to the rest of the piece, but the varnish you used looks fastastic. Is this indicative of your feelings towards Napoleon Bonaparte's political policies or an illustration of Animal Farm? Either way, I love it. -Jessi
Mefalka Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2006   Photographer
ohhh *____* amazing hehehe kwik, kwik:) sweet pig :hug:
Unsuccessful-Artist Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2006
everything in this picture is just amazing. I loved that book
StudioMinds Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
This is amazing..
The concept.. the details.. the tones and colors..
Detigr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
Mind numbing... wonderful talent. Just wonderful...
H-Magoria Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2005
wow...I gotta try the varnish stuff sometime! What was this done on..? canvas, wood..? I love it!
supafemme Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005
i love pigs, tho this one kind of creeps me a bit :giggle: . all the layers have paid off . the final work is delicious in all the details . the tonal qualities , the aging ..... great job :clap: :!:
liquidmoonlight Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
i love that book, i picked it up the other day and read it again by the way, this is so amazingly done. i love it. "four legs good, two legs better!" : P

nice gallery. oh wow. you're so talented.
wholba Featured By Owner May 11, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:clap: very nice weird, indeed! well executed!
a favv, without any question.... :)

critique (imho): the lighter spot left down is disturbing the overall appearance. a few white spots (glare from flashlight?) are also not so good.

nevertheless: congrats! a very good picture!
leeluxero Featured By Owner May 10, 2005
That's a great portrait of Napoleon. I instantly knew who it was as soon as I looked at it. It's really good; I love how you made it look all aged and stuff. And the muted colors really make it look like it came from the real Napoleon's age.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
Malesherbez Featured By Owner May 10, 2005
Beautiful. At first I thought you went too overboard with the cracking varnish, but looking at it now, I'd say it's appropriate. You should find a beat up old ornate frame to put it in!
DarkGnome Featured By Owner May 10, 2005
Now that is nice. It's a perfect blend of bizarre and, erm, not-bizarre. The snout looks kinda squashed, but I probably just don't know enough about pigs. :p Beautiful work.
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